1. ARender Helium : 2.0.5 The 2.0.4 version of ARender brings its load of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Learn more here : http://blogs.arondor.com/en/ARender2/ARender-Sortie-de-la-version-2.0.4 The 2.0.5 version of ARender fixes a […]

The COLD document format stands for Computer Output on Laser Disks. Born in time where magnetic supports where small and rather expensive, this document format focuses on reducing the amont […]

In order to make e-mail viewing more comfortable and modern, we had to re-design the way e-mail headers were presented in ARender. This new and improved email interface offers a […]

The January 2013 ARender Newsletter features : The 2013 Roadmap A new connector for ARender : IBM CMOD 1. Roadmap 2013 For 2013, two major versions are planned 1.1.  Version 2.1.0 “Neon” Release […]