XMLDB is an Oracle module provided with all versions of Oracle Database. It allows to store and manage data in XML format. It provides an abstract SQL type, XMLTYPE, which […]

Open a document

How can I open a local file? To open a local file, mouse-over on this button to display the file menu: Then, click on this button: A pop-in appears. To […]

ARender can validate PDF signature

  ARender new version is able to validate PDF digital signatures. Thus, it truly identify the PDF signer and ensure the document integrity. A new tab ARender new version adds […]

As expected, the new version of ARender is finally released! Called Argon, this release brings: A document builder tool Allow users to create a new document from a page selection […]

Context Due to its streaming mode, ARender must keep an access to the document content during all the viewing lifespan. But it comes a time when the document cache expires […]

Context Both the HMI server (presentation) and the Rendition server uses ehcache to handle currently opened documents. The default configuration performs well for stand-alone environments, but as soon as clustering is […]

  The latest version 2.1 Neon of ARender has been offered a new skin. The following snapshots details the main graphic differences between Helium (2.0) and Neon (2.1).  Before  After […]

The ARender team is proud to annonce the release of ARender version 2.1.0, codename ‘Neon’. Here is a summary of the changelog : New connectors In order to allow ARender’s […]