The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.1, focusing mainly on bug fixes. Those will be detailed and will fuel the ARender User Group discussions! […]

ARender can be easily deployed with Docker, follow this tutorial to know how! At the moment, ARender HMI is in a migration phase towards docker-compose, the rendition server is still […]

ARender 3.1.0 release notes

All the ARender team is pleased to announce you the release of the 3.1.0 major version. New features: StikyNote Annotations Annotations containing text are now called ‘StickyNotes’. This implies changes […]

ARender versus Adobe

In order to check that ARender produces the same rendering than Adobe Acrobat, rastered images of PDF documents are compared. These images are generated in PNG with Adobe and with […]

  ARender vs ImageTragick You may have heard about the recent problem of Imagemagick allowing third parties to execute code, delete files, rendering remote  machines useless by overloading them etc… […]

New features introduced in the HMI: Possibility to print watermarks onto document pages This is configured by activating print.waterMarkActive=true It requires the definition of watermark templates into the annotation template […]

This article explains how to use the API AnnotationAccessor useful to define a customized way to fetch, add, update and remove annotations in a connector. When you create your own […]

Major features introduced User interface : New annotations added in 3.0.4 (Polygon, Polyline and FreeHand) Disabled by default, they can be added in your custom arender properties: topPanel.annotationMenu.polygon=true topPanel.annotationMenu.polyline=true topPanel.annotationMenu.freehand=true […]