ARender "Tiramisu" follow up

Four month ago, we announced the public release of ARender “Tiramisu”. We now today have our first end of trials and clients leads pleased from the trial. We found it […]

ARender 4.0.2 & 3.1.14 release

ARender 4.0.2, the new version of ARender 4 is available.   As well, we published version 3.1.14. This is as of today the last version that will be built for […]

ARender 4.0.1, the new version of ARender 4 is available. This version brings a subset of fixes and evolutions for ARender. We have prepared, as is now the habit, a […]

ARender 3.1.13 release

Version 3.1.13 is now out today. This is a fixpack version and contains corrections to ARender version 3.1.12.   The full list of changes is available at this address.   […]