Public release of ARender “Tiramisu”

We recently made available to Alfresco users to try out ARender, for free, on a short trial period of 30 days.



Coming from our Cloud background experience (ARender is in the cloud for more than one year! with already many key client references in live production), we could propose this approach to our community and offer easier, faster and transparent ways to try out ARender.


From the rendering of documents, to ARender services, everything runs in our Cloud infrastructure. The performance and quality is driven by our expertise at installating and fine tuning our product.


Tiramisu, code name of the trial offer, relies on the same principles as our Cloud infrastructure does: Clustering, auto-scaling/upgrade of services, REST APIs, etc…  In the following weeks, we will propose a new version of Tiramisu that will allow the trial users to keep annotations in between documents navigations. The gap between a full ARender installation and a trial will get slimmer and slimmer!

Our final goal is to allow an easy migration from the trial version to the full commercial licensed ARender, without any action required on the end user side. We would simply upgrade your trial licence to a fully activated one.


Following those guidelines and directions, we invite you to think about the migration of a part, or all your ECM services (in particular, document navigation/annotation with ARender!) with us, in the Cloud!



The ARender team.

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  1. What an excellent idea! Thank you to Arondor for innovative packaging that will help the entire Alfresco enterprise user base!


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