Arender & Alfrecso : CMIS


ARender is a modern and intuitive web viewer, it provides features such as: Notes, signature verification, editing and comparing documents …
ARender can be integrated into any system providing document content, it is perfectly integrated into IBM FileNet, IBM CMOD…
In this article, we will present the integration of ARender and Alfresco ECM. The integration is done via the CMIS protocol, so ARender could be interfaced to all CMS solution supporting CMIS.


We chose to systematically replace Alfresco default viewer by ARender. It is quite possible to use the default viewer Alfrecso for certain types of documents and ARender for other types.
The ARender-Alfresco integration is via the new CMIS connector, this connector allows you to:
-Open and view the document from the ECM server
– Open document format: PDF, MS Office, LibreOffice, DWG…
– Check the signature
– Compare Documents
-Annotate the document, answer annotations
-Edit the document and re-record in the ECM server.

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