ARender 2.3: New JavaScript API

Integrating the ARender Viewer into a business application can imply interacting with ARender at browser side.
This integration can take multiple forms :

  • Business applications can send actions to ARender
  • Business applications can be notified of an action performed within ARender
  • Actions within ARender can be customized to fit the business needs.

Live Use Case examples :

  •  When viewing multiple documents at a time

ARender can open multiple documents in a single page, (for example using multiple URLs)
Jumping from a document to another can be managed by the business application, and the business application can be notified of document changes within ARender.

The user has created a new document by splitting or merging existing ones.
The new document is saved within the ECM repository.
The business application screen must be updated to reflect this newly created document ; ARender can notify the business application when new documents are created.

  • Performing actions at document load within ARender

When opening a document, one can wish to jump to a particular page, or with a predefined search query to find particular informations…

How does that work ?

All these integration tasks are performed using ARender’s Javascript API, ARenderJS.
See related Documentation for further details.

An online demo of actions available within the Javascript API is available here :

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