ARender can validate PDF signature



ARender new version is able to validate PDF digital signatures. Thus, it truly identify the PDF signer and ensure the document integrity.

A new tab

ARender new version adds a tab to the interface when a signed PDF is loaded. This tab is dedicated to the signature.

Two icons have been created:

  • Validated signature : 
  • Signature problem : 

Nominal case : a validated signature

If a PDF well signed is loaded into ARender, a new tab, dedicated to the PDF signature, appears.

The signature is shown as valid when is tab icon is checked (green icon).

A click on it open the tab like below:

On this tab, we can see the following signature information:

  • The signer,
  • The PDF Integrity which is preserved or not,
  • The validation of the certificate chain (Signature valid or not),
  • The signature date,
  • The signature reason,
  • And the signature location.

When the integrity is not preserved

It is possible to have a PDF which has been modify after the signature affixing. At this moment, the integrity is not preserved.

Here is how ARender will show you this information:

We can see that the title color has been modified. ARender alerts the user using the icon with a red cross, and with the information below it.

When the signature is not recognized

The PDF can be signed with a non-recognized signature. It means that the signer can’t be validated neither than the document integrity. ARender alerts the user using the icon with a red cross.

And with the information shown below it:


Demonstration video:

In order to see the expected behavior, watch this video :


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