Integrating ARender


An API of main features in ARender was developed and is available. The goal of this API is to make easier the integration of ARender in different electronic content management. This API is completed by an example of using in a basic context and is tested by unit test which provide to the application a strong base for specific development.

Three features have to be implemented to create a new connector:

  • Get document content
  • Get annotation
  • Create / delete / update annotation

The API is divided in three classes:

  • URL Parser
    • Get information in the URL
    • Instantiation of Document Accessor and Annotation Accessor
  • Document Accessor
    • Get document content
    • Get mime type (optional)
    • Get document title
    • Get metadata
  • Annotation Accessor
    • Get annotation
    • Create annotation
    • Update annotation
    • Delete annotation

For more advance features like split of document you need to implement others interfaces.

URL Parser

This class has two methods, the method canParse :


This method verifies if the API is able to treat the document from a specific electronic content management.

The second method parse :



This method get different information contained in the URL and instantiate a Document Accessor and an Annotation Accessor.

Document Accessor


In this example the class is very simple but it can be more complicated if you want to implement the split of document. To do this you need to implement the interface DocumentAccessorHasUpdateContent.

Annotation Accessor


In this example the constructor creates an annotation with the title of the document.


The method getAnnotationList get from the server the list of annotation and add it to the document.


The method addAnnotation can add an annotation but also update an existing annotation.


The method delete annotation checks the annotation list to find and delete the annotation sent in parameters of the method.

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