COLD documents in ARender & Fast2P8


The COLD document format stands for Computer Output on Laser Disks. Born in time where magnetic supports where small and rather expensive, this document format focuses on reducing the amont of bytes required to store large volumes of data in an efficient way.

The COLD format in IBM / FileNet Panagon – Image Services software suite is viewable using the IDM Viewer product.

When upgrading from Image Services to IBM FileNet P8 formats, these documents must still be viewable or must be converted to PDF formats.

Arondor’s products, ARender & Fast2P8, now support these kinds of documents :

  • At migration time : Fast2P8 can convert them to PDF,
  • ARender can handle them directly in COLD (or in PDF) format.

Here is a COLD file, viewed using IDM Desktop :



This is what it looks like using ARender :


This conversion process handles COLD files of 1 or many pages. For each page, the document layout is preserved :

  • font,
  • font size,
  • page width and height,
  • page margins

The transformation also includes the COLD background image, if the document has any.

The COLD indexes inserted in document can also be used for further processing.

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